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“Chris really is making some nice instruments with a good sonority, attractive tone and well in tune plus a good high register. Also I love his attitude towards the quality of work he wants to produce”…Stephen Preston

“My Baroque flute, made from Mopane wood, gives a lovely sound and I had no hesitation in using it for part of the performance aspect of my FRSM exam”…Professional flautist and teacher

“It’s exciting to explore a new world of sound with my wooden headjoint for both Baroque and more recent music. It has served me well for both solo and ensemble playing, it also stimulates audience interest”…Freelance performer

“I came to the Royal College of Music as a recorder player and an experienced concert flute player and like many of my fellow students I opted to take up the baroque flute as my related study. Like most people in my situation I had very little knowledge of the baroque flute before being introduced to it. I was exposed to a wide variety of baroque flutes at the RCM and, following the example of my tutor, decided to opt for a copy of a Palanca. I chose the Palanca for several reasons, the main one being that it is widely acknowledged to be much easier to pick up following an education on the modern instrument. Chris Raven had recently introduced a Palanca copy to his range of handmade flutes, and by minimising ornamentation produced a high quality flute at a reasonable price in comparison to other baroque flutes available, while still using high quality materials. Using this flute with its accurate tuning I have been able to play in consort with other baroque flautists, and I am confident that it is more than a match for the entire demands of my course”…Current RCM student